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SMDR - Research Projects

School of Maritime Design and Research, popularly known as SMDR is a non-academic school of IMU Visakhapatnam Camps. Continuing the tradition of erstwhile NSDRC, the division is involved in various research and consultancy projects for maritime industry, be it shipping, shipyards, port etc….

SMDR believes in the process of syndicated research and does a lot of work in collaboration with various academic institutions, Shipyards, Design consultants and research labs such as Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL), IIT Kharagpur, IIT Chennai, NIOT, to name a few. Below you can find a selective list of research works that are being carried out at SMDR.

1) Control of ballast waters in ships through design development
2) Feasibility study of setting up of marinas in the west coast of India
3) Study & modernization of design & construction of country crafts operating in coastal & river waters
4) Study of emissions from vessels operating in Indian coast, inland waterways & harbor craft
5) Conducting safety assessment studies on passenger vessels in Andaman Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands & Inland waters
6) Conducting market study & capacity building for Indigenization of dredger manufacture
7) Development of standard designs for coastal & short sea cargo ships
8) Conducting studies on “Flow around Ships in a Hydrodynamic Test Facility”
9) Development of standard designs of sea going tugs
10) Feasibility of Acoustic Remote Sensing of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Nearshore areas(Acoustic Sediment Flux)
11) Ship Maneuvering and Propulsion performance using Data from Voyage Recorder (VDR)/Automatic identification system (AIS)
12) Study of antifouling paint behavior due to loading and flow around ship hull
13) Energy Consumption in Shipbuilding and Ship Dismantling
14) Energy Efficiency of Marine Power Plant
15) Study of Productivity in Indian Shipbuilding Industry
16) Standard Designs of tugs for 40, 50, 60T B.P with alternative propulsion systems
17) Application of Flow Calculations on vessels in shallow and restricted waters

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