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IMU Oceanographic Survey Laboratory

Indian Maritime University (V) is being established to meet the demand in the maritime sector covering a wide variety of studies related to training, research and extension work with focus on emerging areas of studies like oceanography, maritime history, maritime laws, maritime security, search and rescue, transportation of dangerous cargo, environmental studies and other related fields.

Keeping in view of the development activity along our coastlines and the demand for the modelling studies of ports and harbours, IMU (V) has initiated a vibrant oceanography group to look after the R & D activity and consultancy work related to the physical oceanographic aspects of our seas. Recently we have established an IMU Oceanographic Survey Laboratory (IOSL) through which, the group will collect data, analyze and develop an IMU’s own database on the shallow water bathymetry and physical oceanography aspects of our neighboring seas. We are now in a position to run a highly sophisticated open source model called Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS), which can deliver highly accurate predictions of our seas. In addition to this, IMU (V) has procured some softwares like MIKE21 and Sediview for better simulations of circulation, water levels associated with tides and currents, wave hydrodynamics in ports and harbors etc. Under IOSL laboratory, we have also procured very sophisticated equipment like ADCP, CTD with AFM Corousel, LISST and DGPS which caters the need for undertaking field surveys and collection of data for subsequent analysis.

The main capabilities of the Oceanographic group of Indian Maritime University (V) is to collect field data on various aspects of physical properties of the coastal waters to model circulation patterns, wave hydrodynamics, sediment transport in and around ports and harbors. The competence and expertise of the group matches with the international standards and we are making continuous effort to achieve higher competence. This group is ably assisted by other experts in the fields of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Marine Engineering, Ports & Dredging studies along with well equipped library and computer facilities at our campus.

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